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For those of you who aren’t on Facebook (awesome move by the way) or are unaware, for the last couple of weeks I have been working on renaming a tea in my inventory. My Vitamin C tea is one of my original formulations; a formula that I have tweaked over the years to create a super nourishing, deeply satisfying, health supporting cup of goodness.

But the name, I find, is limiting. Its not just about the Vitamin C, to which the tea has an abundance of, its more than that. Its the tea you brew when you feel the dip of energy in the afternoon, or when you have had a strong, powerful workout and are looking for a recovery. Its a tea you can brew and use to make popsicles, you can drink this tea cold in your water bottle all day long. Mostly its a tea to help you adapt to your day to day life. So much more than Vitamin C.

After much input from so many of you (thank you!) and much deliberation on my part I am so very excited to announce that Nourish will be re-joining the ranks of my shelf ready teas today! Detox, Gentle, Chill, Rooted and Goddess make way for your new (old) friend.