Husband is turning forty next week and I am happy for him. I turned forty a few years ago and I gotta say, I love being in my forties. My twenties were an awkward decade for me, thirties were filled with that getting married/having child/starting a business kind of stuff but my forties feel so grounded and even. There is a certain confidence that comes with aging, thank goodness because so does a lot of other stuff in the other direction if you know what I mean. I am grateful to be exactly where I am with this age business.

One thing that is essential when you arrive at this age is to up the self care. We are lucky to have a good health care plan through the Husband’s work and we use it fully. Today is our twice monthly massage appointment with the ever so talented Amber. We love her and my muscles are very grateful for her expertise. Yeah for massage!

Another essential for health, aging or not, is probiotics. I love probiotics and for those who have sat with me and rapped about the goodness of the microflora know that I am rather obsessed with the little fellas. I am in the camp of brew those babies on your own as this also falls in line with another passion, fermentation. Whether we are brewing kefir, yogurt, kraut, kvass or our family favorite kombucha, I am super grateful that I know how to do this. Kombucha is so delicious and adds such a lovely zing to the day in so many ways!